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How to withdraw a9play agent commission

In order to start harvest a9play income, you need to register a a9-today or a9play players account that come with the e-wallet. After you have register as a9play agent and start to make the profit from your a9play network, here is the steps by steps guide on how you can withdraw your a9play commission to your local bank account.

First, you need register a9play players account here using our official players register link below https://www.a9playsmy.com/register/

Second , you apply an a9play agent account here –> https://www.a9playsmy.com/register/

Once your account is completed approved and you start promoting a9play games, start making money that you wish to withdraw the commission.

Follow the below steps on how to make the transfer in easy steps:

  1. Login to your agent account, click on the agent wallet as show below.

2. Inside your a9play agent wallet, click on the blue color Transfer button as show below.

3. You will come to below page, select Player, key in your a9-today phone number that you used to register on the first steps just now. Remember the number format to key in should be – 60xxxxxxx , with the complete country code.

4. Your commission is now ready to withdraw on your a9-today player ewallet, on your a9-today ewallet, update your bank account and withdraw you a9play commission there, follow also to know the a9play player withdrawal process to know the details steps.

Happy earning with a9play and a9-today!

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